[April 25, 2017] DNA Day

Treehouse Genomics Events

A celebration of our common identity in all its myriad, unique, &  individual expressions! 

UC Santa Cruz, home of the UCSC Genome Browser and the assembly of the first draft of the human genome, celebrates national DNA Day, April 25th.

The celebration features the annual double-human helix dance, free swag, a student research poster session, hands-on strawberry DNA extraction, and opportunities to learn about the CBSE Research Mentoring Institute (RMI) and other campus activities and groups related to genomics. All activities will take place in the lower courtyard between the Jack Baskin Engineering and Engineering 2 buildings from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm.

DNA Day commemorates the date in 1953 when James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin, and colleagues published papers in the journal Nature on the structure of DNA. It was first celebrated in 2003 by proclamation of both the US Senate and the House of Representatives.