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The Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative at the UCSC Genomics Institute uses shared data to analyze a child’s tumor against both child and adult patient cancer tumors. As part of our research, we have collected data shared from more than 11,000 tumor samples and made it freely available for to researchers everywhere to download and for visualization. This gene expression data is available along with patient-privacy protected clinical data, including age, gender, and disease type.

Data Usage Policy

If you use our data, we only ask that you acknowledge the “Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute” as the data source.

If you use our pipeline, we would appreciate it if you share your tumor data with us, so it can be added to the public database. Just email us, and we’ll get in touch to arrange the data transfer. Our goal is to benefit researchers and pediatric patients everywhere through increasing public access to data.

Share your data

We are committed to increasing data access and to data sharing, and we encourage you to join this sharing community. We are grateful to our collaborators who have shared their data. Sharing data is critical to us accomplishing this important work. A special shout out to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine, not only for supporting Treehouse but for their commitment to data sharing and their efforts to advance responsible data sharing.

If you use our data, and have data of your own, pay it forward by sharing back. We will add your results to our public data and give you credit. Your samples contribute to an ever-expanding, virtuous cycle of data sharing, ensuring that each participant’s data can potentially benefit future participants!