Featured Video with Olena Morozova

Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative Co-Founder and Scientific Lead Olena Morozova discusses the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative mission to defeat every child’s cancer by harnessing and sharing the world’s genomic data.

Learn about the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative and how the organization aims to make a huge difference in the world of pediatric cancer.
Santa Cruz Economic Development’s Amanda Rotella sat down with UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute’s Olena Morozova and David Haussler to learn more about the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative. Treehouse is working to better understand and better treat cancer in children.
Defeating Kids’ Cancer with Genomics: How pediatric cancer research at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute is changing the way cancer is treated.
Dr. David Haussler, Scientific Head of the Genomics Institute at UC Santa Cruz, speaking at the Kids Cancer Summit on June 8th, 2016 explains what the California Kids Cancer Comparison is, and the importance of sharing genomic data.
Defeating every child’s cancer through shared genomic data.
Dr. Olena Morozova, Scientific Lead and Founder of the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative, speaks at the Kids Cancer Summit on June 08th 2016.
Bringing Big Data and Genomics to Unlock Cures for Rare Disease.
UC Santa Cruz’s Treehouse Cancer Initiative faculty and researchers discuss how researchers and doctors are giving new hope to kids with cancer using big data genomics. Featuring David Haussler, Olena Morozova, Lauren Sanders, and Isabel Bjork. The Kraw Lecture Series in Silicon Valley features UC Santa Cruz scientists and technologists.
Science on Tap featuring Dr. Olena Morozova.

A video from Libby of Unravel Pediatric.